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AMAZON Seller Services  
Why Kolosthal 

Simply because just like all the other Amazon Service providers, we also provide you with the best Amazon Seller Services.

Not really!

It’s because, we provide you with the best results out of those services, and by the results, we mean sales, a lot of sales on the Amazon Marketplace.

As an Amazon Seller Service provider since 2014, we understand our clients and their needs. Our years of experience in Amazon Account Management has taught us that you don’t come to us to hear about all the great services that we provide, or to hear how hard it will be for you to handle everything on your own. The only things the client cares about are the growth of their business, the increased number of sales, the multiplying profit, and most importantly the goodwill of their brand. Kolostahl India focuses towards all these requirements of the clients. We take the charge in our hands, and we work with you to generate profits and sales through End-to-End consulting, and Onboarding to Profitability so that you get the exact results that you want.

 No matter how hard we need to work, no matter how many kinds of services we need to provide, all we care about is bringing the exponential sales growth to your business.


There’s more to Kolostahl!

Kolostahl India has never been only about selling services or products, it has always been about making a connection with the consumer on the other end.

And why do we say so?

Because Kolostahl India is and was already a people’s brand well before it started contributing to Amazon Seller Services in 2014. We started as a brand-building & trading company for Stationary and other products. We have seen the sweetest smiles with our colour pencils in their hands. We have seen the future of our generation learning with the help of Kolostahl’s pencils. And we have seen them correcting their mistakes with the help of our erasers. All these experiences have made us something more than just sellers. Customer satisfaction is a matter of priority for us, and the case remains the same with our Amazon Seller Services as well.