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How to Join Amazon as a Seller?

  • Every client who is planning to start selling on the World’s largest e-commerce platform comes to us with the same question.

  • It’s easy to start selling on Amazon, but only with the help of the Amazon experts, as there are many rules, regulations and complications to it.

  • At Kolostahl India, our team of Amazon experts can help you in getting through all the complications while taking your online business to Amazon. Our Start Selling Services for Amazon Marketplace covers everything from the setup of your Amazon Sellers Account to the very point where your Amazon store is all ready to start selling.

  • While setting up an Amazon store, there are a lot of things that need extensive precision and expert assistance. Things like Brand Registry, Listing & Cataloging, Category Approval, all these needs to be done by the Amazon experts to avoid any kind of mistakes. Then comes the Product Research and Analysis, this is the most important part of your Amazon Sellers Account setup. Without proper product research and the analysis of the potential market for the product, your Online business will always be at a risk of facing loss. Thus, our experienced Amazon experts work restlessly to ensure that everything goes in your favour while setting up your Amazon Store.



Start Selling on Amazon with our Amazon Start Selling Services:

Amazon Seller account Set-up

  • To start selling on the Amazon, you will first need an Amazon Seller Account. Our team of Amazon experts set up your Amazon Seller Central Account. They take care of the whole setup process from the very beginning to the very final stage when your account is ready to do business on Amazon. The whole process includes the necessary documentation, KYC, Branding, Subscriptions, etc.

Brand Registry

  • If you are planning to sell on Amazon, it’s better to sell under your very own brand name. Having your own brand registered on Amazon Marketplace helps you in protecting your registered trademark over Amazon. When you choose the Amazon Brand Registry services for the Amazon, you also get access to many powerful tools including proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings with your brand name.

Product Research and Analysis

  • This is exactly where our team’s expertise and experiences of doing online business on Amazon comes into play. If you wish to sell a product, it’s very important for you to list the right product, for the right demographics, during the right season, then only it will interest the targeted consumers. Doing so takes extensive research and analysis, and also a great understanding of the consumer mentality. Our team of Amazon experts carries all the necessary expertise and experiences that you will need for this service Listing & Cataloging. 

  • Now, you have your account ready, and you have all the right products ready, now what? It’s time to list the products on the Amazon Marketplace so that they can reach the potential customers. The road is tricky from here, and it requires perfect Product Listing, Product Imaging, Listing Optimization, Keywords Research, Content Creation, Keywords Stuffing, and much more. All these things, when executed precisely by our team, results in the higher ranking of the product and ensures the first Page Product View.

Category Approval

  • There are various categories for products to be sold under on Amazon Marketplace, and these are very specific and different from what a buyer sees on the front end. Before you start selling products on Amazon, you will need some expert knowledge and precision in listing your products under the respective categories, and getting them approved from Amazon. Slightest of mishandling and wrong listing can get your whole listing blocked

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